Editor- @aklo91

Born and bred in Queens New York; Soraya Lundy eats, sleeps, and breathes dance. Soraya has an extensive 12 year dance career under her belt. She thrives when telling stories through movement that feeds the soul. From a young age, Soraya knew she wanted to cultivate and share her love of dance with others. 

Honing in on her craft, Soraya graduated from the Frank Sinatra School of The Arts in Queens while attending the prestigious Alvin Ailey School and Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance in high school. During her time studying, she focused on her ballet and contemporary talents to build a solid foundation for movement and movement theory. Soraya also spent time at the Blade Dance Academy and the Hip Hop Dance Conservatory via a scholarship, solidifying her hip-hop skills simultaneously. 

Throughout her career Soraya has worked with a number of celebrities. Most notably being her childhood icons- Janet Jackson and Missy Elliot. Soraya works heavily in the hip-hop community and had the opportunity to choreograph for Cardi B at the 2019 Grammy Awards. Soraya has found herself working in the fashion industry acting as a movement to model liaison; choreographing for photoshoots and fashion shows including Harper’s Bazaar, Net-a-Porter ft. Dilone, Balmain X H&M ft. Kendall Jenner, Hermes ft. Alton Mason, and Tory Burch with Jessica Hart. 

As Soraya has grown and come into her own as a dancer, she has always kept her roots to Queens close. With a Caribbean, Haitian and Jamaican background Soraya tries to incorporate her culture as often as possible. The most prominent example being her creation of Banji Twerk Team. Banji is a dance group whose mission is to lift each other up and empower each other through movement… driven mostly from shakin’ what their mommas gave ‘em! When she has time Soraya also teaches at EXPG-NY and tours the country participating and leading dance workshops.

Soraya’s accolades continue to accumulate. To no surprise she has found herself working with some of the heaviest hitters in pop culture including; Shakira, JLo, Daddy Yankee, Drake, Sean Paul, Madonna, Nike, Adidas, the list goes on. Her genuine talent has carried her far, from Queen’s to New Zealand, Japan to LA. Soraya is dedicated to growing as an artist and continues to inspire those around her through the world of dance.